I Was One With The City (D-1)


Let me tell you, I was super jakun this entire trip. I can’t believe I rushed in the morning when I should be taking my time sinking in to the fact that I’m actually travelling to another country (I obviously don’t travel much). I even almost forgot to bring my wallet, oh, and my socks.

We had McDonalds’ in the morning before we went onto the bus. Tita was so cute reminding everyone that it was her birthday. 😂 After burning my tongue drinking their coffee we registered ourselves and got onto the bus. I had the single seat (I was stubborn about this) just because. Fast forward sleeping and acting all emo-like while listening to sad songs looking out of the window, we went through immigration and man was it hot outside.

My jakun self strikes again when I saw a sign that showed “Singapore 25KM”.  It was almost weird to see street signs that doesn’t start with “Jalan….” or something like that. When we reached the drop off area, I stole the wifi from Starbucks and whatsapped my family that we reached safely, with an intention to brag. My mum’s friend who was with us the entire trip had a driver to take us around places and….it was a Mercedes. 👅 It may sound like a luxury and all but imagine 6 people getting out of the car? Same.

We dropped off our stuff at my mum’s cousin’s house and went to the Singapore Flyer where we had our first Singaporean food. It costs $25 SGD to experience the Singapore flyer, us being cheapskate, we just took pictures and left. BUT THE VIEW THO.

After that we went to Marina Bay Sands, the place I wanted to visit the most. I don’t know, I just really admire the architecture so much. 

Wanna hear the worst case scenario ever when you’re travelling? Bad photography skills. My mum seriously needs a 2 hour lesson every week a month to actually take a nice picture of me. I was legit on the floor trying to create an illusion that my mum was holding up the building, and I had an OOTD of my cropped off feet and a kid faintly photobombing. 

Thanks mum. (no filter needed, yes it was that bad)

But besides that, I had a really great time just taking it all in. The scenery, the peaceful sound of the birds chirping away, the faint sound of bushes brushing against each other, the skyscrapers towering over me, I could go on and on about how I was one with the city.

– I could share a video of her conducting an aerobic class infront of everyone but that’ll be too embarassing.

Later that night we watched the light show and it was…..meh. Wasn’t worth the wait under the drizzling rain. 

We went back by MRT and it was definitely a first time experience. I mean I take the public transport everyday to work but this was….different. My mum’s face when she almost fell not knowing how fast the escalators were here though. MALAYSIA, WHEN? But it was super complicated at first, I was kinda pleased with myself not making us lost on the first day of our trip. It was quite a long walk back home, papang had to take a few pit stops.

My mum’s cousin’s family was incredibly nice to us, I felt so at home. I definitely miss them already. They came back all tired from work, we reached home around 11, yet they still cooked for us and sat down asking us how was our day? But the day kinda backfired when I shared the same bed with my mum and my aunt – the loudest snorers EVER.

















Goblin (2016)

If you know me personally then you’ll know that the worst phase I could ever go through is the obsession with the world’s famously known Korean drama(s). From Boys Over Flowers to Goblin, Prince Lee Shin to Kim Bok Joo, you name it, I’m obsessed with it all. Even writing about it right now just seals it.

My current obsession though, that made me want to write almost in detail about how much I truly enjoy this drama, is Goblin (2016). Directed by Lee Eung Bok, its creative plot, a world of fantasy and aesthetically stunning cinematography just piles up the list of dramas I’m obsessed with. This drama somehow made me believe as if fiction might be real in a parallel universe.

If you have not started watching or planning to then here’s the synopsis because I’m too lazy to write it down here: http://asianwiki.com/Goblin_(Korean_Drama)

Here are 3 reasons as to why this drama deserves every bit of attention and is the best drama to date.


I’m only familiar with Lee Dong Wook because of My Girl (2005) and let’s face it, even not-Korean-drama-obsessed-freak would have heard of him. The cast overall was PERFECT for me, a great bunch of actors that did their characters justice. I’ll only talk about the main 3, Goblin, Eun Tak, and Grim Reaper.

Image result for goblin goryeo gif

General Kim Shin — Gong Yoo

And yes. I am one of those few that has not watched Train to Busan….yet. Now I get the hype of Gong Yoo being labelled as a great actor because he really is. I really can’t imagine anyone else portraying Goblin? Kim Shin deserved better, of course. Every main character does. Imagine living for 900 years and going through so many deaths? You can’t help but to pity his life a little and wonder how he managed to stay so calm and collected even after all these years. His charm, arrogance, humor, and overall cuteness when he’s with Eun Tak made him my favorite character ever in a Korean drama. There, there it is.

“At the age of 29, you’re still shining. But I am not by your side. My life of eternity has finally come to an end. Times after my death, you are still here. You have forgotten me & your life is perfectly complete with me gone. I have to disappear to make you smile. In the end, that’s the decision I’ve made” – Kim Shin

Image result for goblin kim shin gifs

Image result for goblin kim shin gifs

Ji Eun Tak — Kim Go Eun

I’ve read fan’s critics and most of them are about how she’s an amateur actress and somewhat ruined the drama a little….I bet NOT? She was actually really perfect for the role. I used to find her character rather annoying because she was so hyped about being the Dokkaebi’s bride but after watching a few more episodes, I finally understand her. I mean since she was a kid she knew she was destined to be the Goblin’s bride? Her entire 19 years of life was based on that speculation and when she met the infamous Goblin she got all excited, who wouldn’t? I could feel her pain when she knew she was about to lose him, her joy when she can finally be happy in the arms of Goblin because she deserves that, and admire her courage and enthusiasm she had her entire life. She could see ghosts for crying out loud, she’s alone, and yet she handles the situation so well. Also the most important aspect for a Korean drama actress, she cries well.

“I was obsessed to become your bride because it felt like we’re becoming a family (I never had) that I thought I could have” – Ji Eun Tak

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Grim Reaper — Lee Dong Wook

What an awkwardly cute character. Goblin and Grim Reaper living in the same house? Yes thank you. Although rather typical and mediocre for the characters to be close in this sense but I love it anyway. Of course, second lead syndrome. He deserved waaaaay more than what he gets in the drama, especially his relationship with Sunny. Although I admit I can’t really see the deep connection between both of them like how I did with Goblin and Eun Tak but Grim Reaper called Sunny his first love, and that’s cute. After living for almost 300 years as a Grim Reaper, he finally met someone he really like and would go all out to make her believe he’s “human” (like freaking out over not having a business card, and faking his name to ‘Kim Woo Bin’ – iconic). Of course as the episodes continue he started taking a liking towards both Goblin and Eun Tak, HE DIDN’T WANT THEM TO DIE.

“I know it’s impossible but I dreamt of a happy ending” – Grim Reaper

Image result for goblin grim reaper gifs

Image result for goblin grim reaper

Image result for goblin grim reaper gifs


Yes, 1 hour and a half per episode is toooo long for a 16 episode drama but trust me, you won’t even feel it. You wouldn’t want it to end just like watching a football match when your team is losing by one goal. Every episode feels like I’m watching a million dollar budget movie, they put in so much effort into the cinematography, making us appreciate the drama even more.

A picture paints a thousand words so here are some stills/scenes to prove my point:

Image result for goblin cinematography gifs

Image result for goblin cinematography

Image result for goblin kdrama gifs

Image result for goblin cinematography

Image result for goblin grim reaper gifs

3. OST

This might sound over the top but the ost in this drama is the best ost there is for a drama, heck even for a goddamn movie. The background music, and the official soundtrack is truly out of this world. The music goes along so well with this fantasy filled drama. Look at my spotify playlist, they’re full of it. I sometimes look back at some episodes just to admire few scenes where the bgm fits so well with the situation.

My favorite is definitely Stay With Me by Chanyeol (although Beautiful by Crush is slowly creeping its way through). Every song reminds me of each character, like how ‘I Miss You’ by Soyou reminds me of the tough love between Grim Reaper and Sunny, and Beautiful by Crush reminds me of Goblin and Eun Tak.

Image result for goblin cinematography

Not just the heart wrenching plot, this one hour and a half per episode drama seriously deserved the attention. I can finally say I am obsessed with a drama where the male lead isn’t an asshole and the female lead isn’t a complain freak and loud.

Overall I can safely say that this is the best Korean Drama to exist I suppose? Highly, HIGHLY recommended. Even if you don’t watch Korean dramas and are not a fan of them, watch Goblin. Just do it. Thank me later.

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